Craigslist Men Seeking Men Compilation

When I visit Craigslist Men Seeking Men section, it is usually because I’m horny. All it takes is less than a minute of viewing the posts that I go from being horny to irritated. People who post in the men seeking men section really think someone is going to respond by putting up utter garbage pictures? For me, if I click on the post and see their “POS” waste of time pictures, I’m in absolutely no mood to respond no matter how good their description of themselves are. Maybe people other than myself actually respond to these posts, but I don’t. I’m way too annoyed and move along.

Anyway, I follow basic gay online dating advices.

My story on Craigslist

One time I responded to a post that listed his age as 25. The owner of the post responded and on the second email, he sent me a picture and his stats in which he said he was 42. Now by this time, I’m quite pissed and confronted him about his post. His response was that no one would respond to his add when he puts down his real age so he lies about it and puts 25. The picture that he sent me was a torso and cock shot that he cropped out the head. I knew it was a fake since I saw the picture a week before while reviewing a gay porno blog.

Do people really think that by posting these garbage add for a hookup they are going to get some sympathy fuck? Maybe it works for them, I don’t know but one thing is for certain and that is I DON’T PUT OUT FOR LYING PIECE OF SHIT.

Below are just a small sampling of these crap photos I found on Craigslist. There are way too many to post them all here.

I don’t know what to say about the three pictures below. What is the point of using photos from gay porno studios? The first one still has the watermark on it from the gay porn studio that produced it. The last two are anime gay porno from a different gay porn studio. Will posting these pictures help one get a cock in their mouth or ass?

Hot and Young Gay Bear Taking Selfie in the mirror
Hot and Young Gay Bear Taking Selfie in the mirror