Gay Friendly Travel Guide to New Zealand

January 23, 2021

This is your Gay Friendly Travel Guide to New Zealand! I know that you are very much in love with the land of Lord of the Rings and beautiful nature landscapes. That’s why we have decided to share with you all the details about the amazing gay lifestyle there!


If you are looking for gay friendly travel you can also go to New Zealand. New Zealand may be the only country in the world where gay men and women can travel, anywhere, everywhere, openly.

We can see the gay-friendliness of New Zealand by the fact that there are several GLBT Members of Parliament here. New Zealand Human Rights Act are protecting gays’ rights, and same-sex couples are able to marry.

The only real gay scene in New Zealand you can find in the gorgeous city of Auckland. Elsewhere in New Zealand, you will find the occasional gay pub or club – but nothing to write home about.

Hot gay couple posing on a yacht
Hot gay couple posing on a yacht

But don’t let that discourage you

Gay Travel Equality is not just about traipsing from gay scene to gay scene all around the world. It’s about experiencing our wonderful planet openly as gay men and women, exactly the way straight travellers do.

New Zealand has 14 official gay and lesbian tourist regions throughout the country – providing a huge range of activities, including gay events like the Hero Festival in Auckland, gay ski weeks, gay adventure tours, gay eco tours, gay kayaking, swim with dolphins, even gay whale-watching trips (I didn’t know they had gay whales!) and much more.

New Zealand also has an extensive network of gay and lesbian owned tourism providers offering accommodation, and travel options – from rental vehicles, through independent gay vacation packages to small group tours, gay adventure trips etc etc etc.

A group of exciting gay men jumping on the yacht
A group of exciting gay men jumping on the yacht

The scenery here is utterly breathtaking. From tropical beaches and beautiful bays to spectacular mountains and fjords. With a total population of just 3 million, there is plenty of space everywhere, without to many people at one place!

Don’t come to New Zealand in search of raunchy gay scenes (although Auckland is pretty sexy), come here to experience Travel Equality.


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