Would You Buy This Gay Toy For $399.99 On eBay?

February 26, 2021

Gay Toy – Sounds so tempting? Are you a big fan of these naughty, seductive toys, too? If you are considering buying it on eBay, here’s why you should do it without any further doubts! There are certainly nice things in collection gay toy collections and similar. But sometimes it can cross all the borders of absurd.

Seriously, I have heard of Barbie’s and other classic toys going for big dollars when they are in pristine condition but $399.99 for a Billy Gay Tyson Leather Master Doll? Have I completely missed something here or do the seller need a reality check? I was browsing around Ebay and found the auction for the doll below. It sure is amazing gay toy – I don’t deny that.

Like most listings, I was would have just past it by without a second thought until I saw the price $399.99 as a “Buy It Now” option only. The old cliche goes that there is a sucker born every minute, but for a $399.99 price tag, the seller is probably going to have to wait many many years for that sucker to be born.

After reading this and you are the one that actually buys the doll, I do apologize ahead of time for calling you a sucker and hope you continue to visit my blog.