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October 14, 2021

Top Destinations For Gay Cruises to Jamaica

Gay travel is becoming more popular as a way to support the gay, lesbian, and trans communities around the world. It is important that we try to learn all we can about the struggles and victories, of the gay community as they continue to push for equal rights.

Not every country is ready to accept gay travel and gay pride, but there are many places where you can visit that offer a more tolerant climate for gay travelers. One of these places is Jamaica. Many gay travelers come to Jamaica each year because it offers more opportunities for gay clubs and bars.

While Jamaica offers some fabulous nightlife, the atmosphere in most of the bars and clubs is quite tame compared to some of its European counterparts. Still, despite the milder atmosphere, there are plenty of friendly gay travel experiences to take advantage of while visiting the island.

Most gay lgbt travelers enjoy exploring the natural rainforest, playing in the water, visiting museums, and soaking up sun on the beaches – which is something that few other destinations can give.

Most of the larger cities in Jamaica, though, are safe for gay travel and gay pride, although some rural areas do have some rural poverty and intolerance towards the gay community. There are, however, some amazing places to explore in rural Jamaica – especially for gay cruises.

Some of the must-see destinations include Port Antonio and Montego bay, both of which have historic gay hotspots as well as modern day art galleries and shops. Gay cruises also take visitors to St Ann, one of the largest gay communities in the city.


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