Perfect Gay Profile Picture Example 2021

Are you wondering how to make a perfect gay profile picture? Whether you want to send it to your boyfriend or keep it private, it doesn’t matter! We are here to help you out.

My last rant and bitching was about how much I hated Craigslist full of profiles with garbage pictures. Here’s an example of a guy who knows how to entice people with his self-pics. That’s how he get people to want to contact him. His Twitter ID is BrianFeelgood. According to his profile, he likes to keep “Anonymous”. Nevertheless, that has not stopped him from shooting some really provocative pictures of himself that he shares.

If more people had pictures like BrianFeelgood than the crap that I posted in my last post, maybe Craigslist or any other hookup site would see a lot for action.

Perfect Gay Picture - Guy Sitting and holding a dick
Perfect Gay Picture – Guy Sitting and holding a dick

Wanting to stay “Anonymous” is no excuse for posting shit from gay porno sites or that infamous landscape picture that comes with every windows computer. You can be “Anonymous” without wasting other peoples time.

That’s why you need perfect gay profile picture you can possible get.

I don’t think he is a gay porn star but judging by the pictures, he sure as a shot at it. Two thumbs up for this hot amazing gay dating profile picture! Let him know how you feel about his picture. You can find him on Twitter.